LmoP VI "Thundertree"

After a nights rest and stocking up on supplies, the party headed for the ruins of Thundertree to try and find Reidoth. As they arrived at the ruins they were attacked by a twig blights. Eravon manages to kill one by pouring oil on and setting fire to on the redbrand dick that he collected in Phandalin. As they approach one of the ruined cottages they are attacked by four Ash Zombies but the treat is quickly eliminated.

They come across more ruined cottages and in order to break down the doors Eravon, picks up Alton and launches him headfirst through the doors. Eventually they come across a cottage and find a gaunt, white bearded human. who warns them of a young green dragon named Venomfang in the area and advises the party to leave before they all get killed. One of the party members attempts to threaten the man and he suddenly transforms into a grey squirrel and darts out of a hole in the cottage roof.

The party sees the dragon sitting atop a tall tower on the hill and proceeds to taunt it until the dragon flies down and lands before them. He advises them that they should leave the area now, while they still have a chance. He flys off and circles the area.

Being the brave and not very smart adventures that they are, the party decided to infiltrate the dragons tower. Using Alton as a battering ram they bust down the door and enter. Venomfang returns to his perch atop the tower and even though he cant see the party inside the cottage attached to the tower, he knows they’re there.

a very short and ugly battle ensues and the party is nearly wiped out when suddenly a grey squirrel appears, transforms back into human form and negotiates with Venomfang to save the party.

They all awaken clinging to life back inside the old mans cottage….



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