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LmoP VI "Thundertree"

After a nights rest and stocking up on supplies, the party headed for the ruins of Thundertree to try and find Reidoth. As they arrived at the ruins they were attacked by a twig blights. Eravon manages to kill one by pouring oil on and setting fire to on the redbrand dick that he collected in Phandalin. As they approach one of the ruined cottages they are attacked by four Ash Zombies but the treat is quickly eliminated.

They come across more ruined cottages and in order to break down the doors Eravon, picks up Alton and launches him headfirst through the doors. Eventually they come across a cottage and find a gaunt, white bearded human. who warns them of a young green dragon named Venomfang in the area and advises the party to leave before they all get killed. One of the party members attempts to threaten the man and he suddenly transforms into a grey squirrel and darts out of a hole in the cottage roof.

The party sees the dragon sitting atop a tall tower on the hill and proceeds to taunt it until the dragon flies down and lands before them. He advises them that they should leave the area now, while they still have a chance. He flys off and circles the area.

Being the brave and not very smart adventures that they are, the party decided to infiltrate the dragons tower. Using Alton as a battering ram they bust down the door and enter. Venomfang returns to his perch atop the tower and even though he cant see the party inside the cottage attached to the tower, he knows they’re there.

a very short and ugly battle ensues and the party is nearly wiped out when suddenly a grey squirrel appears, transforms back into human form and negotiates with Venomfang to save the party.

They all awaken clinging to life back inside the old mans cottage….

LmoP IV "Finding Iarno"

After questioning several locals, Sildar learns that larno Albrek, a fellow member of the Lords’ Alliance, disappeared while exploring the area around Tresendar Manor about two months ago, shortly after arriving in Phandalin. Sildar asks the characters to investigate the manor and the surrounding area to find and bring back larno-or what’s left of him, if something killed him.

Quest: Find Iarno, 200gp reward from Sildar for Eliminating the Redbrands.

The party set out to find answers, while exploring Phandalin they had a run in with a group of redbrands outside of the Sleeping Giant Inn. After defeating all but one of the Redbrands the party questions him and learns that the leader is a wizard named “Glasstaff” and can be found in Tresdor Manor. They also hear about a mysterious figure called “The Black Spider” who hired the redbrands to intimidate locals and scare off any adventurers.

After interrogating the remaining redbrand , Alton beheaded him and Evaron removed his dick. The party spoke with Alton aunt Quelline who told them that she may know someone who can help them find Cragmaw Castle and Wave Echo cave. A druid named Reidoth who recently set out for a place called Thundertree to the west of town

Quest: Reidoth The Druid, may know where to find Wave Echo Cave and Cragmaw Castle.

LmoP III "Goblin King"

The party made their way back to the cave and came across a chamber containing six goblins, one of which was the leader named Yeemik, who was holding a human hostage. The human turned out to be none other than Sildar Hallworth, Gundrens missing companion.

Yeemik demanded Klargs head in exchange for Sildar and when Alton retrieved the head Yeemik attempted to extort the party for their gold but instead of the gold he demanded, he received a brutal death at the hands of our adventurers. Sildar explained that he and Gundren were riding along the triboar trail when suddenly they were attacked and overwhelmed by a group of goblins. He and Gundren were taken to the caves as prisoner by Klarg but a short time later another bugbear called “King Grol” came and took Gundren to Cragmaw Castle under orders from someone called “The Black Spider”. Sildar offered to pay the party 50 gp to escort him back to Phandalin.

Sildar doesn’t know where that might be, but he suggests someone in Phandalin might know. Sildar wants to investigate the fate of larno Albrek, a human wizard and fellow member of the Lords’ Alliance who disappeared shortly after arriving in Phandalin. Sildar hopes to learn what happened to larno, assist Gundren in reopening the old mine, and help restore Phandalin to a civilized center of wealth and prosperity.

LmoP II "Into The Cave"

After resting for the night the party headed back to the site of the ambush and followed a trail through the woods where they had last seen the fleeing goblin.They came upon a cave where a slow moving shallow river flowed from it’s mouth. There they spotted two goblins hiding in a makeshift lookout next the cave entrance and proceeded to defeat them. They then entered the cave and were greeted by the sound of snarls, barking, growling and rattling chains. Looking to the passage on the right they spotted a pair of wolves chained to stalagmites. They passed by the wolves and moved further into the cave where they were spotted by a goblin guard who proceeded to sound an alarm and release a flood into the cave.

Grr managed to throw a rope over a rickety bridge above them, however Gilgamesh was swept away by the rushing water and ended up back at the cave entrance. After regrouping the party climbed the rope up onto the upper level of the cave and followed the passage to the right where they were greeted by more goblins as well as a bugbear named Klarg and his pet wolf “ripper”. A tough battle ensued but the party managed to defeat Klarg and his minions. While searching Klargs cave the party found some coin, a jade frog statue with golden orbs for eyes, two potions of healing as well as a stack of crates and supplies with “Lionshield Coster, Phandalin” logos on them.

The party returned to Phandalin where they spent the night and recruited more adventurers to join in the search for Gundren and Sildar. A Halfling rogue with a curious name “Alton Brown”, likely a ficticious name but what can you expect from a rogue? A dwarf cleric “Vistra” and a necromancer named “Eravon”.

LmoP I "Ambushed"

Previously on the Lost mine of Phandelver …
Our adventure began in the city of Neverwinter, a large friendly city situated on the Sword Coast, an area in the northwestern continent of Faerun. Neverwinter, gained its name from the Neverwinter River, a river heated by fire elementals beneath nearby Mount Hotenow, making for a perpetually warm climate
We began as a party of two, Salazar “Grr” Agosto, a human fighter and Gilgamesh a High Elf Wizard who had previously been doing a variety of jobs around the city for a Dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker. Recently, they were tasked by Gundren with escorting a wagon load of provisions to the mining town of Phandalin, a few days travel southeast of Neverwinter. The party met with Gundren in a tavern called “The Masked Mage”, an elven tavern, held aloft above the skyline of Neverwinter by way of air elementals. Grr negotiated with Gundren and was able to secure 50gp ea for the job of transporting the supplies to Phandalin. Meanwhile, during negotiations the Wizard, Gilgamesh stocked up on a supply of Dwarven Ale, Rack of Ram and glowing blue mushrooms for the journey ahead. Before setting out, the party was joined by a Dwarf Cleric who was seeking transportation to Phandalin in order to assist Sister Garaele, a cleric of Tymora at the Shrine of Luck.
Gundren was clearly excited and more than a little secretive about his reasons for the trip, saying only that he and his brothers had found “something big,” He then set out ahead of the party on horseback, along with a warrior escort named Sildar Hallwinter, claiming that he needed to arrive early to “take care of business.”

The party traveled south down The High Road along the coast and set up camp for the night. The next day they set out east along the Triboar Trail where they came across the bloated corpses of two dead horses that had been placed across the road. As they investigated the horses they found that the saddlebags had been looted and they retrieved an empty leather map case, moments later they were ambushed by a couple of goblins and they managed to defeat but the other proceeded to flee from the carnage.

The adventurers then removed the horse carcasses from the road and proceeded to Phandalin where they delivered the wagon load of supplies to Elmar Barthon, owner of Barthons Provisions. Mr Barthon was very concerned when he heard about the horses, Gundren and his escort were supposed to arrive in Phandalin ahead of the supplies but they never showed.

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