LmoP II "Into The Cave"

After resting for the night the party headed back to the site of the ambush and followed a trail through the woods where they had last seen the fleeing goblin.They came upon a cave where a slow moving shallow river flowed from it’s mouth. There they spotted two goblins hiding in a makeshift lookout next the cave entrance and proceeded to defeat them. They then entered the cave and were greeted by the sound of snarls, barking, growling and rattling chains. Looking to the passage on the right they spotted a pair of wolves chained to stalagmites. They passed by the wolves and moved further into the cave where they were spotted by a goblin guard who proceeded to sound an alarm and release a flood into the cave.

Grr managed to throw a rope over a rickety bridge above them, however Gilgamesh was swept away by the rushing water and ended up back at the cave entrance. After regrouping the party climbed the rope up onto the upper level of the cave and followed the passage to the right where they were greeted by more goblins as well as a bugbear named Klarg and his pet wolf “ripper”. A tough battle ensued but the party managed to defeat Klarg and his minions. While searching Klargs cave the party found some coin, a jade frog statue with golden orbs for eyes, two potions of healing as well as a stack of crates and supplies with “Lionshield Coster, Phandalin” logos on them.

The party returned to Phandalin where they spent the night and recruited more adventurers to join in the search for Gundren and Sildar. A Halfling rogue with a curious name “Alton Brown”, likely a ficticious name but what can you expect from a rogue? A dwarf cleric “Vistra” and a necromancer named “Eravon”.



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